Hope Town, Bahamas

Hope Town, Bahamas

With its famous red and white striped lighthouse and sheltered harbor, Hope Town may be the crown jewel of the Abacos. As the welcoming sign says, “Slow Down, You’re in Hope Town.”

This picturesque village is the quintessential island experience. Cars and golf carts are not allowed in the village, where the cottages are painted in pastels and run alongside beaches dotted with snorkeling reefs within easy reach for swimmers. It also offers good facilities, well-stocked stores, and excellent restaurants with scenic vistas.

The village is centered around the main harbor, with most of the shops and restaurants on the eastern shore. The western shore is dominated by the marinas and lighthouse. But remember, Elbow Cay extends another 2 miles south of town. You'll find more to see and do around White Sound. 

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