Annapolis, MD

Annapolis, MD

Boaters may be forgiven for imagining that Annapolis is centered on City Dock and “Ego Alley,” the thin slice of water where it is considered good sport to steam up the narrow channel and execute a U-turn before going back out to Spa Creek. America’s Sailing Capital has two centers–Church Circle and State Circle–from which the old brick streets radiate downhill in literally Baroque style. The colonial seaport thrived for years on a mix of politics, oysters, shipbuilding, sailmaking and tobacco exports. Four signers of the Declaration of Independence had homes in Annapolis. All four of the homes are still standing, and three of them–William Paca House and Garden, Chase-Lloyd House and Carroll House–are open to the public. 

Of course, Annapolis is still a sailing town. For more than 40 years Annapolis has hosted the U.S. Sailboat and U.S. Powerboat shows. The nation’s oldest in-water boat shows are held at the city dock in April and in early October. These mostly in-water affairs (that spill over onto land) take over all of Ego Alley, a fair bit of the mooring area and all the adjacent parking lots. Visit or call 410-268-8828.

Other noteworthy annual events include the Annapolis Film Festival ( held in March and the Maryland Renaissance Festival (, which takes place in the fall (end of August through October).

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