Eastport, MD

Eastport, MD

Eastport has long held the heart and history of Annapolis’ maritime district. Saying that Eastport is on the eccentric side is a bit of an understatement but Eastport is definitely a unique experience not to be missed. In 1998 when the bridge was closed for repairs the area declared its independence from Annapolis and named itself the “Maritime Republic of Eastport.” Such revolutionary ribbing still continues in the streets, alleyways and on the water. In November the Maritime Republic of Eastport pits itself against the City of Annapolis in a tug of war. A 1,700-foot black and gold rope is stretched across Spa Creek from Eastport to Annapolis for this “Slaughter across the Water,” to add brawn to the mock rivalry between the two ports.  

The Annapolis Yacht Club sponsors Wednesday Night Races the third week in April through the first Wednesday in September starting at 6:00 p.m. The best view is from your boat, tied up at a mooring or dock, or from waterfront restaurants along Eastport’s “restaurant row.” The folks at Boatyard Bar & Grill videotape the races so you can join the crews and catch the replay at the Boatyard afterwards. 

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