Lake Erie Islands, OH/ON, CAN

Lake Erie Islands, OH/ON, CAN

The Lake Erie Islands is an archipelago in western Lake Erie that includes Kelleys Island, Pelee Island and the Bass Islands, among others. Pelee Island is the only major inhabited island that belongs to the Province of Ontario, while the smaller Middle Island represents the southernmost point of land in Canada. Most other Lake Erie Islands are considered part of Ohio. The larger islands are popular tourist attractions, served by car ferries running from the mainland and between some islands.

Most Lake Erie pleasure boats head for this island area. Its popularity is well deserved; each of the more than one dozen islands has its own personality. Many are privately owned and not open to cruising boats but the larger islands have small, rural communities. The island area stretches from Vermilion on the east to Port Clinton on the west, bordered on the north and south by the Ontario and Ohio shorelines.

Boaters cruising among the islands often cross the U.S. and Canadian borders and clearing Customs becomes necessary.

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