Detroit, MI

Detroit, MI

Detroit is a large city and we cannot begin to cover all the attractions, shopping and dining here so instead we will detail some of our favorite stops. While we usually try to stay near the waterfront, Detroit (known as the “Motor City”) is the birthplace of the automobile and no visit is complete without spending a day at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI, which is four attractions in one. The museum is a repository of Americana exhibiting everything from telephones and phonographs to steam engines and automobiles. Adjacent to the museum is Greenfield Village comprising more than 100 genuine homes and buildings from early America, re-created into a living town with citizens working their crafts. Go to for more information. This is almost a 10-mile trip but you have travel options. You can get there by bus (for about $2.00), taxi or a ride service (e.g., Uber). Other note-worthy museums are the Detroit Institure of Arts, the Motown Museum, the Detroit Historical Museum and the Michigan Science Center.

For an exhaustive listing of shopping (and dining) options both near the waterfront and farther afield, go to

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