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  • Review for North Tonawanda Gateway Harbor Park

    Reviewed by: D. Hudson on Jul 27, 2021
    Draft: 0.0'

    Rating: 5

    They also take credit card now.

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  • Review for North Tonawanda Gateway Harbor Park

    Reviewed by: Bill Mcmahon on Jul 22, 2021
    Vessel Type: Power
    LOA: 40'
    Draft: 3.5'

    Rating: 4

    There are really two separate operations here. The north side is North Tonawanda Gateway Harbor while the south is Tonawanda Gateway Harbor. They are two different municipalities.

    The north side has newer docks and are better staffed and maintained. It has low docks along the whole length. There are power/ water pedestals along most of it, except for the extreme wester end. The north side seems to have all the good restaurants, but not much else.

    The south side has older high walls to the east with power/water pedestals, a floating dock in the middle with no pedestals and a low wall to the west of the Ellicott Creek with power/water pedestals, which is where we stayed. The water didn't work there, but did on the east wall, presumably due to the construction going on on the street above Overlook Park We chose this side because it is a little more isolated from all the restaurant/bar activity than the north side and is closer to a good supermarket, stores, and laundromat which are all on the south side. The south side dockmaster's house also has laundry, but only one machine.

    This area is a very busy place, especially on weekends, but we saw several spots to dock on a Sunday afternoon. The docks really seem to fill up with day trippers around dinner time.

    Be CAREFUL approaching the Delaware Avenue (middle) bridge. With all the boat traffic to pay attention to, while also looking for dock space, it was quite easy to inadvertently go under the north side of the bridge which is quite a bit lower than the charted height of the south side.

    We were there for 3 days and never saw the (south side) dockmaster, so our stay was free :).

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