Salty Dawg Sailing Association Caribbean Rally Sets Sail
Date Posted: October 31, 2023
Source: Salty Dawg Sailing Association

The seas are calling, and the Salty Dawg Sailing Association is ready to answer as they embark on their much-anticipated Caribbean Rally. Set to depart today, November 1st from both Hampton, VA, and Newport, Rhode Island, this annual rally is a testament to the spirit of adventure that defines the sailing community.

Community and Connectivity

In today's digital age, staying connected while at sea has become easier than ever. The Salty Dawg Sailing Association keeps participants and sailing enthusiasts engaged through their Facebook group, "Salty Dawg Sailing and Friends." This online community provides a platform for sailors to share their experiences, seek advice, and build lasting connections with fellow sea lovers.

Real-Time Tracking

For those following the Caribbean Rally from afar, the Salty Dawg Sailing Association offers a tracking map. This tool allows friends, family, and sailing enthusiasts to monitor the progress of the participating boats. The Caribbean Rally Tracking Map provides real-time updates on the fleet's location, making it easy to stay connected with the adventure.

The Salty Dawg Sailing Association Caribbean Rally is not just a sailing event; it's a celebration of the sea, camaraderie, and the thrill of exploration. As these sailors set off on their journey, they carry with them the shared passion for the open water and the excitement of discovering new horizons.

Safe travels to all the participants!

Comment Submitted by Phil Barbalace - November 1, 2023
Did 9 or 10 of these trips over the years as a volunteer crew member. A great adventure and wonderful people!
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