Oasis Marinas Offers Incredible Fuel Discount
Date Posted: October 16, 2023
Source: Oasis Marinas

As the boating season winds down, many enthusiasts set their sights on a leisurely journey south along the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW). While this can be an incredibly rewarding and picturesque adventure, it's essential to keep an eye on your budget to ensure a smooth, enjoyable, and cost-effective trip south. Fortunately, Oasis Marinas is here to make your voyage truly unforgettable with an unprecedented offer of $.30/gallon off on fuel (gas & diesel) at their marinas along the ICW through the end of November!

Here are our top five tops to making this trip down the ICW your best yet! 

  1. Plan Your Route Carefully: Plot your course and estimate travel times to minimize expenses. Choosing anchorages and marinas in advance can help you stick to your budget, and many marinas will offer special discounts for southbound boaters during the October/November months. Make sure to check out the "specials and events" section of Waterway Guide profiles for up-to-date promos.

    Plan your route and utilize the distance measuring tool in Waterway Guide Explorer.

  2. Embrace DIY dining or scope out specials at marina dining locations: Self catering is always a great way to save money while traveling—or check out marinas with on-site dining options! They'll often offer discounts to boaters docking at the marina, helping you budget in the dining out experiences.

  3. Maintenance:  Ensure your vessel is well-maintained before embarking on your journey. A well-kept boat is safer and more fuel-efficient, ultimately saving you money in the long run.

  4. Frugal Spending: Set a daily spending limit for discretionary expenses like souvenirs and dining out. Being mindful of your spending can help you stay within your budget.

  5. Fuel Efficiency: Look for marinas and fuel docks with competitive fuel prices, and take advantage of any available fuel rewards programs. Oasis Marinas stops along the ICW are offering $.30/off per gallon at their marinas along the ICW through the end of November!

    For a full list of marinas participating in this promotion and to register, visit: visit.oasismarinas.com/wwg 

    For additional information on finding Fuel Pricing & Fuel Docks using Waterway Guide, refer to this article.

Comment Submitted by Jeff Taylor - October 18, 2023
Great timing and thanks for the email. We are leaving Annapolis on Monday headed to Vero Beach.
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