Canadian Man Embarks on Solo Paddle of the Great Loop
Date Posted: May 8, 2023
Source: Waterway Guide Staff
Photo Credit: Mark's Instagram @markervin_


Mark Ervin (Fuhrmann), a 65-year-old Canadian, is in the midst of an extraordinary solo kayaking expedition covering a distance of 5,533 miles along The Great Loop, which he began on June 1, 2022, from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Mark's adventure is not just a personal accomplishment but a significant mission to promote the idea that positive change is possible through strong local communities.

Mark's strong belief in building robust local communities is a driving force behind his journey. On his website, Mark emphasizes that every individual and company plays an essential role in developing caring, responsible, and robust local communities.

Mark's journey is also a platform for raising funds for two noble causes that are close to his heart: Doctors Without Borders, which he supports in honor of his late wife, who was an orthopedic surgeon, and Captains Without Borders, in recognition of his professional career providing communication services to the maritime industry.

Along the way, Mark has been relying on the kindness of strangers who have been providing him with food, shelter, and support. His journey has shown that the world is full of kind and generous people who are willing to help others.

Currently, Mark is on his way to Cape May, New Jersey, and you can follow his live tracking. You can also learn more about Mark and his journey, including his video blog, at


More Resources & Links On Mark's Journey:

Youtube Video Blog

Mark's Instagram Profile

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Comment Submitted by Phil Barbalace - May 11, 2023

What a great endeavor. And at 65! But having lived in Virginia for 40 years, I couldn't help thinking that the "Welcome to Virginia" sign on the Dismal Swamp should be followed by "Radar Detectors are Illegal".

Comment Submitted by Michael Bennett - May 10, 2023

I am very sorry I missed an opportunity to meet him. We saw him and his kayak at Alligator River Marina in April when we were heading north. Preoccupied getting our boat tied up and dealing with a mechanical issue, I didn't take the time to go over and say hello. It would have been an honor to meet him on his great adventure and for his causes. Good luck on the remainder of your voyage.

Comment Submitted by Chris Rockwell - May 10, 2023

I know of an Iowan man who paddled his home built wooden canoe on the great loop. I have a picture of him paddling upstream in the Trenton Channel (Detroit River) taken in July, 2012.

Comment Submitted by Nine lives - May 10, 2023

Actually Mark is doing the Greater Loop. This route is from Halifax Nova Scotia around the Canadian maritime and in the St Lawrence. He has said that nobody has completed this loop by kayak. Many have done the great loop.

Comment Submitted by Marty McConville - May 10, 2023

He should contact Rich Brand. He did it about 5 years ago and would have some great advice.

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