Comprehensive Ship's Log


The Waterway Guide team has been looking high and low to identify a good quality Ship's Log. This product provides a refreshing way to log your ship's information. We thought it was a worthy publication to include in our store, and we hope you agree!

This Comprehensive Ship’s Log is designed to organize every aspect of vessel operation and maintenance. From stem to stern, this single volume will allow you to track and log:

  • Detailed vessel information
  • Hourly watch underway
  • Cruising log
  • Pre-departure/Change of watch checklist
  • Radio contacts
  • Vessel inventory and spare parts
  • Fill logs, separated by system
  • Pump outs, including holding tank rinsing
  • Maintenance projects, separated by system

Because this newly-designed logbook is a systems-based approach to the use, maintenance, and repair of your boat, you will easily find your notes for every voyage and project aboard your vessel.

164 pages

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