Reviews: Fort Walton Beach City Dock

  • Review for Fort Walton Beach City Dock

    Reviewed by: David Fuller on Nov 30, 2022
    Vessel Type: Power
    LOA: 43'
    Draft: 4.0'

    Rating: 3

    There are red and white signs posted that say No Overnight Dockage Allowed. There are also signs that say Dock Closes at 10 pm. However, upon arrival at the dock we called the police department number and let them know we were there but would be off the boat for awhile. The young lady on the phone wanted to know if we would like to stay the night. We said yes, and she commenced to ask many questions: make and model of boat, color of boat, registration number, my phone number. She said the SGT on duty would grant permission for 24 hour stay. If there was a problem and we could not stay, they would call back. She also said that Chief of police could extend stay to 48 hours if we could not leave. So we stayed the night on the dock.

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