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    Reviewed by: Morris Hansin on Aug 19, 2017
    Vessel Type: Power
    LOA: 48'
    Draft: 4.7'

    Rating: 3

    20 years ago when my sons were still single we boated to Bimini, Alice Town has not change at all. Resort World did not exist. What I found was more of a gouge the boater/tourist atmosphere. $90.00 per day golf cart rentals, $20.00 14’ cheese pizza and on. I think the thing that got me the most was a boater that ran aground on the way out the channel, bent both props, and pulled in along side us at Resort World to swap them out with a spare set he had on board. The owner himself put on his snorkel get got in the water and removed the bent props. He needed help to put the spares on and had called a local diver. If I had known about this 20 mins. earlier we would have jumped in to help as we dive as well. We came around to be aware of happenings as the local diver arrived. From the time he darned his gear, a brownie lung regulator, jumped in to assist the owner in installing 2 props, to wrapping up his hose, 45 mins. $800.00 is what he charged, no kidding. Just be aware, all we are are $$$$$$$ to the locals. By the way, power went out at Resort World Friday afternoon and didn't come back on until lat Sunday, had to run the generator all weekend. Hilton Resort and Casino, all homes and condos in Resort World out as well. Our stay 8/2/2017-8/08/2017 Diving and snorkeling with grandchildren was good. That gets the three star rating.

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