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  • Review for Treasure Cay Beach Marina & Golf Resort

    Reviewed by: Dave on Feb 7, 2019
    Vessel Type: Power
    LOA: 71'
    Draft: 5.0'

    Rating: 5

    We were there for Super Bowl Sunday and enjoyed the area so much we stayed an extra day. It was pretty quiet with only 6 boats on our dock. No issues coming in but made sure it was near high tide just in case (5’ draft). Dock master was waiting for us and made sure everything was working. No issues with electricity. Coco Beach is simply stunning with almost talc powder for sand. We ate at Coco’s for lunch and it is also a great spot for breakfast with the sunrise. Took a cab to Teasure Sands Club which was good but expensive. Weather cooperated the whole time and the people we truly lovely. We will go back.

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  • Review for Treasure Cay Beach Marina & Golf Resort

    Reviewed by: Fernando on Aug 14, 2018
    Vessel Type: Power
    LOA: 46'
    Draft: 4.0'

    Rating: 1

    Treasure cay marina has terrible problems with power. Could only use one of 3 AC units and one night the power kept coming of and on which damaged part of my electrical of my boat. I complained several times but they did not even offer to move me to another slip. I has to use my generator a couple of days but the damage was already done.

    WG Editor Comment:
    Marina Response:

    The registered marina guests were advised the local utility was experiencing low voltage, an island wide situation for Abaco and certainly North Abaco Treasure cay due to extremely high demand of the holiday special event period of June 26- July 8.

    The 14 year dockmaster Jamal, verified there was no equipment failure at the power pedestal, as did the local electrician. Experienced vessel operators know to check their on board electronics which usually can advise them of low voltage and they would know not to consider to run a generator. We are not responsible for on board electronics. No other vessel operator reported any damages, most using good sense to not use shore power when low voltage presents itself. The same power pedestal is still in use in good working order today, with satisfied marina guests. BPL the island electric authority did their best to restore voltage as fast as possible. I spoke to the Manager George at the Electric plant and within 24 hours there was a resolve. This same low voltage put our resort electronics at risk. Where possible we too converted to generator power to protect our HVAC and heavy electronic equipment without any losses. Jamal our veteran dockmaster is pleased to speak to anyone to verify this. The damages if actually any were not a function of the marina nor the resort equipment.


    Stephen Kappeler
    General Manager, CHA
    President Treasure Cay Property Owners Assn.
    Past President Association of Bahamas Marinas
    [email protected]
    Treasure Cay
    Abaco, The Bahamas

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  • Review for Treasure Cay Beach Marina & Golf Resort

    Reviewed by: Boater on May 21, 2018
    Vessel Type: Power
    LOA: 35'
    Draft: 3.0'

    Rating: 4

    Treasure Cay Marina is very good. Power, water pressure, dock condition and proximity to the bar, pool, grill & restaurant excellent. Bathrooms could do with an update. If they had washer/dryer facilities and holding tank pumpout capabilities, that would be only thing needed to move to an Excellent rating. Staff were very professional in the office and on the dock.

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