Reviews: Tonawanda Gateway Harbor Park

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  • Review for Tonawanda Gateway Harbor Park

    Reviewed by: Jim Ward , CLASSEA , on Jul 14, 2022
    Vessel Type: Power
    LOA: 41'
    Draft: 4.5'

    Rating: 4

    Good location at the Wall at Tonawanda . . . Wall height could be a problem for smaller boats, the canal was extremely active with kayakers, water bikes, cruising boats . . . Power supply was 30 amps (make 50 amps with a splitter . . . Bike trail was active with both bikers and walkers . . . Nice to see the trails being used . . . Downside was leaves from trees and landscaper blew into the boat, train noise could be annoying . . . Price was $40/ 41' boat . . . Not to bad . . . The North side would be more convenient possibly with lower docks (wooden) along the concrete wall . . .

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  • Review for Tonawanda Gateway Harbor Park

    Reviewed by: Maria Langer on Aug 24, 2021
    Vessel Type: Power
    LOA: 27'
    Draft: 3.0'

    Rating: 3

    Tonawanda was very busy when we arrived early on a Monday afternoon in August. The only spot we could find was on a floating dock east of the marked location of Tonawanda Gateway Harbor Park that is part of that facility. The wooden dock is in bad condition; it lists at at about 15° toward the concrete wall it is attached to. Access to land is provided by one metal ladder at the far end of the dock. There was 30 amp power and water. Registration gets you a code for the rest rooms and laundry room. Ladies room could have been cleaner, especially in shower area. Water in shower, at full hot setting, was just hot enough for a shower. The whole area was very noisy throughout the afternoon, with a parade of all kinds of boats going by in both directions, some with loud mufflers, others with loud stereos. Most went by slow enough to keep the wake from getting out of hand. As night fell, a few characters gathered in the adjacent park to listen/sing to music; drugs and or alcohol were involved. This went on until after I went to sleep around 10 PM with my earplugs in.

    The location was short walking distance to several restaurants and bars, a Walgreens, and other downtown businesses. (I even managed to get a pedicure.) The closest restaurants were closed on Mondays.

    Honestly, I couldn't decide whether to give this place 2 or 3 stars. Although I know I won't go back to it again, its proximity to conveniences on shore might make it more attractive to others. I think I would rather try the North Tonowanda facility across the canal, which seems to have better reviews.

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