Barcat Skipper: Tales of a Tangier Island Waterman - Chapter 11
Date Posted: October 18, 2023
Source: Barcat Skipper: Tales of a Tangier Waterman by Larry Chowning

This series by Waterway Guide Media features authors whose works align with America's nautical heritage. From waterfront villages to working men and women who go to the sea, the stories of life and livelihoods abound in past and present collections that deserve rediscovery. Join us as we republish excerpts and narratives from distinguished writers who have dedicated their energies to documenting and celebrating the culture and character of our nation's waterways. We continue with a serialization of Barcat Skipper: Tales of a Tangier Island Waterman by Larry Chowning.

Larry Chowning grew up in a small town on one of the large rivers that flows into Chesapeake Bay. From an early age, he watched watermen and yachtsmen sail up and down the Rappahannock River. Fascinated with the waterfront and the boats that came and went, he pursued a career writing for a local newspaper and a national publication. Along the way, he has authored numerous books and stories, taken tens of thousands of photographs, researched the culture and people of Chesapeake Bay and beyond, and maintained a genuine respect and curiosity about watermen, their boats, and their lives. His first book from 1992 is showcased here in excerpts that will appear in the ensuing weeks in our weekly newsletter to Waterway Guide subscribers.


View Chapter 11, here.



Barcat Skipper: Tales of a Tangier Island Waterman

Archives of the Deltaville Maritime Museum

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