In-water Dry-dock System SeaPen Adds a Smartphone App for Remote Control
Date Posted: March 20, 2023
Source: BoatUS

Solstice Docking Solutions made waves a few years back with SeaPen, a dry-docking alternative to boat lifts. The introduction of remote control through a cellular-connected app just made this "garage for your boat" better.

The Dock Pro drive-on dry-dock system consists of a buoyant high-density polyethylene frame, breathable marine grade rope netting, growth-resistant liner, and a pump system to keep the hull dry.

The first-generation SeaPen was operated with a fob linked to the 110-volt control box mounted on the frame. With the app, skippers can use their smartphone to lower the rear gate and float the boat into the pen, then raise the gate and activate the pump without leaving the helm.

The Smart-Pump System detects water and automatically pumps it out, drying the pen completely. This leaves the hull dry, but still at water level, eliminating the need for hull scraping and antifouling paint. Take a look for yourself.

Other advantages the app offers over the remote fob:

  • Control SeaPen from anywhere in the world
  • Get real-time updates on the status of the SeaPen
  • Receive alerts of the SeaPen's actions (gate up/gate down success)
  • Receive alerts on the SeaPen's mechanical workings
  • Access to countless FAQs and connection to our technical team for real-time troubleshooting

Bottom paint is optional since the boat stays dry while docked.

SeaPen keeps the hull dry without the risk and hassle of a boat lift. Another advantage is mobility. Unlike a lift, SeaPen can be simply tied to any fixed or floating dock.

SeaPen is available in the U.S. starting at $20,000 through Solstice Docking Solutions.


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