The Florida Keys – A Preferred Destination

When Commodore Ralph Middleton Munroe was sailing and exploring the Keys at the turn of the 20th century from his home on Biscayne Bay, he ducked in and out of Hawk Channel through the myriad channels along the islands and spent many nights anchored in their lees.

Florida Keys

The Commodore’s reminisces of the settlements and people of that time are delightful reading and portray Florida as a new frontier and destination for visitors seeking warm weather and a tropical paradise.

Florida Keys

"Kingfish” – Sharpie designed by Ralph M. Munroe, summer 1883, University of Miami Libraries Digital Exhibits


Today, the Keys remain worthy of discovery and those who make the journey are seldom disappointed. Boating, kayaking, cruising and biking in the Florida Keys are just as magical as they have always been.

Florida Keys

2020/2021 were not ordinary years for travel. In spite of the restrictions and health concerns of the global pandemic, outdoor activities and open air year-round lifestyle that are possible in the Keys offered some sense of solace when there. Waterway Guide traveled to Florida in the winter of 2020 to visit with marinas, restaurants and local residents to get a sense of how the communities were responding. (See our YouTube video here.)

Our hosts during our week-long visit were: 

Their staffs and management were all on point and facilities in full-swing to provide us undivided attention while visiting. We navigated Hawk Channel in a 35 foot Pursuit Offshore on the way south from Pompano Beach and returned home via the inside route, stopping in Fort Lauderdale for lunch. Despite concerns about proximity and distancing while there, our time in Florida and the Keys was as relaxing as ever. No wonder that so many enjoy what the Keys offer.

We are fortunate to have such an endearing and historical stretch of islands for exploring and relaxing, and that some distinctive spaces have been set aside for our collective enjoyment. You will discover something new every time you visit the Keys.


Florida Keys

Enjoy, play it safe and keep us updated on your adventures. We always like hearing from our friends on the water. You can review and comment on your experiences on our Waterway Explorer ( and pick up a copy of our Florida Keys guidebook or subscribe online.

See you in the Keys...